Monday, March 30, 2009

Begone, Twitter, I have a new obsession

My days of toiling and obsessing over Twitter are done with, I've found a new guilty pleasure to occupy my time while in TOH (tax office hell). is an online fashion community promoting "online fashion consciousness" where fashionistas, artists, and junkies post "looks" and members can give get inspired, give feedback, and bubble with jealousy. Also very cool is that each look has a for the most part creative and witty little tagline, like "I told you to follow me home" and "burnt pancakes".

The interesting thing about lookbook, however, is that it's invite only. You have to apply! They pride themselves on "bringing together diverse, aesthetically talented and open-minded people", however most of the looks showcased are ripped right from the pages of Urban Outfitters. Think a mix of designer and vintage, with street urchin and hipster undertones. Luckily for me, that's right up my alley. I even got inspired to acid-wash a pair of skinnies by myself. They came out killer, by the way, and I'll be posting pics of them soon as well as what I did. But I don't think I'll be applying anytime soon. I don't take rejection well. And don't worry Twitter, we all know I'm not going anywhere.

Photos to follow....

P.S. I want to date every guy featured. So adorable! They're probably all gay though... alas, story of my life.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

And today we'll go to Cali

S: I'm losing my mind Rick (good boss) is away, Dani and Roman (bad bosses) overload.

A: Oh God.

S: My eyes are twitching.

A: Get out now.

S: Gotta pay the bills. I haven't smoked in two weeks... I smoked a pack today and I'm stopping for another.

A: I've decided I would be okay moving to Cali. If we found jobs first.

S: Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

A: Oh, find that funny, do you? That I've given up on this side of the country?

S: I love how we become comfortable with completely unrealistic ideas before dealing with any of the details that would actually make it realistic. Yes, I find it hilarious.

A: I know and every day its a new and wildly ridiculous life plan. At least we've got moxy.

S: Said the girl living with her parents and working in hell to the other girl living with HER parents and working for the devil.

A: Do you WANT to make me cry for the fourth time today?

S: I wish my body could produce tears. Consider yourself lucky.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chicken and Sex for Dinner

Roommate1: Too bad for you I didn't catch any fish, I'm gonna have to marinate you for dinner.

Roommate4: (overheard) You marinated a chicken for him?!

Roommate1: Yes, hunny, I marinated a chicken for you. It's right in the fridge in a Tupperware, right next to last nights roast and rosemary potatoes. Just throw it in the oven...

Roommate2: Oh hunny, delicious, can't wait.

Roommate3: Wait where was I for all this?

Roommate1: In the basement, chained up, waiting for sex.

Roommate3: Oh man, you guys treat me so.... good.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kickin' Spring Boots

Each day spring teases us with one degree higher on the thermometer or a few minutes of glorious sunshine. Understandably, I can’t help but get excited for the days when bare legs will be, well, bare-able. But I can’t say I’m excited to shed my boots. How thrilled I am that designers have revamped boots for spring. This year boots come in more delicate silhouettes, brighter colors and lighter fabrics especially for spring. Now that’s just kicky!
These Tamal Boots, come in this season’s hottest color - dark grey. And just in case you get bored with them, which is highly doubtful, they come with cool interchangeable straps, one in a casual grey and the other (pictured above) in one of a kind vintage fabrics.

Give these Jeffrey Campbell Tribe Embroidered Lace Up boots a chance; I know they’ll grow on you! Taking a nod from all the spring shows, the tribal and traveler influences shine through loud and clear. The great light blue, peach and white embroidery will rock with denim or even spring pastels.
These boots were made for walkin’! These Humanoid Lobster Sanchez Boots have fun and flirty ties and they slouch just so. The best part? A low to moderate heel that will make tooling around town on beautiful spring mornings a breeze.

What Do YOU Want To Be When You Grow Up?

A: I just spent 8 minutes of my life reading about a Dreams Manifesting Wizard.
A: What do you wanna be when you grow up?

S: A groupie.

A: Paying.

S: If I knew that I wouldn't be in a basement right now.
S: A writer for Rolling Stone.

A: So write something. I've realized we have to start somewhere. Blog it.

S: I don't like blogging. I'm more about Twitter. No pressure.

A: I'm serious just try it.

S: Girl please I just woke up. Maybe if I was high or at work or not watching For The Love of Ray J.

A: That's pathetic.
A: Do it. Write something. I'm wizarding you.

S: Well put your wand down.

Closet Copycat: Unisex

With every new day I spend at tax office hell, I explore the internet more and more. I'll be posting new websites I find and fall in love with for your viewing pleasure. In return, all I ask is you force your friends to follow my blog :) or my twitter @Blaizer. With that said, as I began my blog safari yesterday I decided to start at an old standby, The Sartorialist!

I know this is a guy, but I absolutely love the fusion of dressed up versus dressed down. So much so that I wore this outfit to the vet today to pick up Mz. Mellow. As we all know, I take every chance I get to work in leather, and pairing my bomber jacket with track pants just blew my mind. What an entirely new genre to be tapped! Street Urchin cool, a totally I-don't-care-that-you-don't-think-this-makes-sense attitude. Love.

I word, layers! First of all the campus boots are perfection. Check out my newest post at Store Adore to see spring-worthy boots. But the thing that really caught my attention in this entire outfit was the skirt. So simple, but so bold. What a great staple to have. Throw it on with a sweatshirt and sneaks or layer on the basics for a chic dressed down look. My fave? dressing it up with tights and platform sandals. Skirts are in full spring fling.

Photo Credit: The Sartorialist

Going Green 3

“I’ve never been a girl’s girl,” she said one day, as if to explain something about herself. He had no idea what would have prompted her to say this. “High school… even college…just never been one to take crap you know? And girls feed you a lot of crap. My mother always said to be existential,” he looked at her blankly. “She was a child of the 60’s,” Aviva explained. He wondered what the hell she was talking about. “I looked it up once, ‘cause who actually knows what existential means, you know? It means your own idiosyncrasies determine who you actually are, that we’re responsible for the authenticity of our own choices.” Jarod wondered for a week whether or not that was what existentialism really meant, but he never looked it up in his collector’s edition Webster’s English Dictionary.

He followed her movies, museum openings, and art auctions, but she never seemed to buy anything. When Jarod asked her what she did, she told him she was a highly-intelligent underachiever with debt. He didn’t press the matter. He found himself completely intoxicated by her, but searched his brain for what exactly it was about her that made him like her. If he was honest with himself, he would have admitted to himself that most of the things about her drove him nuts. She would leave dishes by the door in his bedroom because she didn’t want to get up and walk to the kitchen. She would lean up against his floor to ceiling windows and stare down at 34th street 19 floors below leaving smudges and fingerprints all over the glass. He would find half empty water bottles all across the apartment. He had fallen in love with her the day she proclaimed she was going green, and it never occurred to him that wasting all that plastic was probably not on Al Gore’s top 10 things you can do to help the environment, but then again, going green wasn’t conducive to Jarod’s lifestyle either.

Despite his frustration with her, small moments between the two of them kept him hanging on. They were in a cab one night leaving a show and her head, lazy with too many martinis, fell upon his shoulder. When he put his hand on her thigh and she actually moved into his body, Jarod felt like shouting from the rooftops. He didn’t know it then, but she had fallen asleep against his arm.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today I Think I'll Go To Grad School

S: I'm thinking about grad school.

A: Me too!

S: Our lives are in synch, maybe this is just the next step toward world domination.

A: I think you're right, Pinky.

S: That makes you the brain?

A: You're probably the brain but saying Pinky just had a nicer ring to it.
A Hence looking up creative writing graduate programs as we speak.

S: I'd do that too, get serious about writing a screenplay.
S: I'm a soldier a rider a ghetto survivor, all of the above.

A: I read an article in the Times today about a 4 women screenwriters, one did Juno, one did Nick and Nora, one does United States of Tara...

S: We'd be like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

A: ...and they're all friends and call themselves the Fempire.

S: I'll go to that party.
S: Can you double major in grad school?

A: In theory, I guess, but I don't think that's really our style.

S: True.
S: For the first time in my life I feel like learning something.
S: We'll be intellectuals.

A: I'm down with that. We're clearly no good at being professionals.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Urban Outfitters You Got Me Again

So when I woke up on Saturday morning (and I use the term woke-up loosely, as I didn't exactly go to bed the night before, but we'll touch on that later) I was thrilled to see the only bright part of my day...the Early Spring Urban Outfitters Catalogue had finally arrived! As I paged through it at work not doing any work at all, I was blown away by a few key pieces. The first? I'm glad you asked. Right smack on the third page, this lil beauty. A Cool, Casual, by Slow and Steady Wins the Race LEATHER Tee. Drool. Unfortunately I have to buy it ASAP because I'm not sure how well a LEATHER shirt would go over any time past April. I NEED.
There were a few other things I loved, namely an adorable peach romper. I'm pretty sure without even talking to her, Pesce will be wearing rompers all summer long. Call it a deeply loving and affectionate friendship. No, we're not lesbians. That's the little one. Anygay, I digress. I also totally fell in love with another roughed up denim version. I've also decided my next denim (bottom) purchase (other than the all-important boyfriend jean) is a pair of acid wash jeans. I know it's only rock n roll but I like it!

I have to say though, the accessories totally stole the show of this line-up. Starting with a Deux Lux Transformer Duffel Bag. Seeing as I travel to New York as much as possible these days (wah) I've been in the market for a great overnight bag. It actually has a wraparound zipper that collapses the bag into a purse, with a shoulder strap and shorter straps. I can't decide if I like the beige or the black better. My overnight bag now is beige, but I already own so much black. Ah such dilemmas.
I'm not a huge jewelery person, well I am, but I find I always spend so much time putting together an outfit people are yelling at me to get out the door and baubles are always an afterthought. But these pieces totally carry themselves, and while they could be piled on with other stuff, it's totally not necessary, and they'll go with any outfit I can cook up. I've been so into chains lately that I actually found some old ones (probably a bike chain, eek) and have been fashioning them into necklaces and bracelets using key rings. I know, I'm so inventive. I have a feeling that's how Cartier got started. I'm just saying. Anycrazy, Urban must have been reading my mind, because almost all their new pieces are chain-related. Gosh I hate being such a hipster.

I have to admit, I've saved the best for last. Color me crazy, but it was the sunglasses! Being a gal that already has her staple Dolce and Gabana movie star frames, Ray-Ban Aviators (my personal fave) and Ray-Ban Wayfarers (alright I'm a child of the 80's, I know), it's hard to get me excited about eye wear. But I actually ordered these UO Round Frame babies in red. Love. I have to admit though, I sat (at work) for almost two hours debating those and the UO Encircle frames. Ultimately, I chose the other ones for their rock and roll roots and wayfarer vibe. I'll leave the Almost Famous frames to Pesce. Mark my words she'll be rocking them by Memorial Day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glovin' It

In tough times, it’s important for a gal to know how to get some bang for her buck. So I (and I’m sure you) have taken to adding bold accents to every outfit. Enter my fave accessory for chilly climates, the glove. Check out these Velvet Floral Print Gloves that I found at Bella Dawn. Truly a feel good purchase at a feel good price.
These plush velvet gloves are still cozy for the chilly end-of-winter months (hello blizzard at the beginning of March!), yet their bold colors and pattern (psychedelic!) get us totally pumped for spring. The best part? They’ll go with every outfit we can concoct, and add spice to the blandest. Most likely, you’ll be the most fashionable lady at tea, at the boutiques, at the movies, wherever you may wear them. My guess is that will be pretty much everywhere!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going Green...

“Ah CHOO! “ A girl somewhere in his vicinity sneezed. “Oh thanks,” and before he knew it a tall skinny man with bad breath and a woman with peeling sunburn exited the train and gave way to the germ-infested one. She snatched the tissue out of his hands and wiped her nose with it, stuffing it in her coat pocket. She grabbed the pole with both hands through the crowd and smiled at Jarod.

He looked at her celery green eyes and her long wavy brown hair. It flowed down her back like something wild and divine, and suddenly, he didn’t know why, he was overwhelmed with the need to touch it.

She pulled a sport bottle out of her bag and took a swig of light green liquid. He stared at it hard, debating what might be inside but he knew he would never know unless he asked. He wasn’t exactly one to try new things and nothing about that green liquid was appealing to him.

“I’m going green,” the girl said, looking at her water bottle then looking at him.

“That ….turns you green?”

“No….you know….go green… save the planet,…no plastic…fossil fuels… dead Iraqi children….” she rambled on, pointing at her reusable water bottle and studying a piece of graffiti on the inside of the train. He stared at her, taking her all in. He wondered if she was really environmentally conscious or if she was just being trendy.

“I’m Aviva,” she said, extending an arm. Her wrist was covered in colorful bracelets, winding up her forearm, and as she shook his hand, they jingled together in such a way that Jarod almost didn’t want to let go. As Jarod exited the train, his travel size bottle of anti-bacterial lotion stayed firmly nestled in the front coat pocket, right next to a stack of business cards.

Their relationship developed casually, and as they bumped into each other periodically over the next few months on the subway, Jarod found himself thinking about her more and more. On a Wednesday in November they found each other, he looking prim and proper as usual, and her looking a little worse for wear.

“Hungover,” she said matter of factly as she sat down next to him, pulling her things up on her lap. She always had different bags and boxes and packages, and it killed Jarod to know what was inside them but he never asked, for fear of what her answer might actually hold. The last thing Jarod wanted was to know there was a live snake in a box on her lap, or human ear in a bag around her neck. Not a lot of things surprised Jarod, as he had programmed his life to avoid them, which in actuality meant most things outside his one bedroom apartment shocked him.

“People must see me partying and think ‘wow this girl should be in rehab’….but I’m just like ‘hey it’s a Tuesday!..” she talked to no one in particular, but he never exactly responded anyways. She gulped down her bottle of liquid, which Jarod had learned was in fact green tea. One day, Jarod politely asked for her number, and she of course obliged, being the free spirit she was.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Going Green

Under Jarod’s sink was a scary place. Generally, the cabinets under sinks aren’t all that intimidating or menacing. You might find yourself a particularly derelict space once in a while, but for the most part the worst in terms of bathroom sinks is mold and underused cleaning products. But no, no, the underneath of Jarod’s sink was nothing like this.

Placed three inches from the right and 6 inches from the back were two economy sized packages of blue q-tips. Next to them, in perfect alignment stacked from back to front were two and a half bottles of economy sized spearmint mouthwash. Next to them were two six packs of Mach 5 shaving blades, and behind those were 6 bars of Dove unscented soap. Everything was individually wrapped.

Jarod didn’t know why he kept his sink like this. No one kept their sink like this. When he would do his weekly cleaning, he would take out everything in their proper piles, line them up on a clean bath towel in the tub and spray the inside of the cabinet with 409 multi-surface spray cleaner with bleach (unscented). Then he would put all the items back one by one. Every day Jarod woke up, washed, ate breakfast, and went to work. Then he came back, he ate, he showered, and went to bed.

And so Jarod woke up today, just like he did every other day, at 6:20 in the morning. The beeps of his extra loud alarm clock filled the perfectly purified air and bounced off the perfectly painted white semi-gloss walls of his apartment. As he lifted the beige comforter, from the left to right, at a perfect angle, up and across his body, he felt the tiny bones in the deep of his shoulder crick. He wondered why he never felt the same pains in the other shoulder. He lowered his feet to the floor immediately; he never just lay in bed. Jarod had read an article somewhere sometime about how your body develops muscle memory and associations with the bed and sleeping, and reading and doing things other than sleeping would only make it harder to fall asleep. So Jarod only slept in bed. In between the moments when Jarod would lay down and when he would fall asleep, Jarod would count forwards and backwards to and from 100.

Jarod rushed to work, well rushed as much as Jarod would ever rush. He more like hastened, as the subway door opened he stepped forward, then stepped back every time another commuter rushed by him to get on. He did this dance with no one in particular, apologizing in his head to people as they bumped him from side to side until he was finally the last one left to get on. He knew he was going to have to hold the bar in between two people that he most definitely knew he didn’t want to be standing next to. He began feel exasperated as he dug in his shoulder bag for a tissue that would work as a barrier between his Dove fresh skin and the plagued bars of New York City public transportation.

Stay tuned....

Red Red Wine

While this blog is has been focused on clothes (sigh), it's still in it's infancy, and seeing as I've consumed my weight red wine tonight, one this one occasion (ok probably a lie) it's going to serve as a posting board for other things as well. We'll call it an open post. Hosted by my drunkeness.

I have a big, huge, giant interview tomorrow. I won't tell you what it's for because I've had knots in my stomach for a week over it and I don't want to jinx it. I'm one of those people who knocks on wood 18 hundred times a day. No it's not OCD. Okay yes it probably is. Just be myself, just be myself just be myself.

The dark stallion from my past is back to torture me slowly. What is it with men these days? I wish I lived way back when with Jane Austen, when things were granted still entirely confusing and took much longer (I'm more an instant satisfaction kinda gal) but at least when they had feelings they weren't afraid to express them. And in grand gestures and beautiful romantic phrasing, no less.

Well I'm off to finish the application from hell. Hit me up on twitter (@Blaizer), it's my newest addiction. And by addiction I mean distraction from tax office hell.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Want It Now!

I've been plotting and planning my first check from the tax office away for months now, and while I may have a shopping problem (case in point: my closet is 10 feet wide and the two top shelves are filled with shoe boxes), I can't help but to compile a list of must-haves for my first shopping experience with a freshly direct-deposited debit card. Since the one and only New Year's resolution I made this year was to stop buying crap clothes, I've got grand dreams of investing in great pieces that won't fall apart (ahem, Forever 21) the second time I wear them.

I need need need these Seychelles Under Construction Ankle Boots. The stacked heel is perfect for tooling around Boston's cobble stone (seriously Boston?) streets. The lacing seems ladylike and dainty and then BAM you're hit with a rockin' buckle. And the best part is? I'd bet my awful job that not one of my friends will have this pair. Not their style? Nope. Makes me like it better? Yup!

Okay, okay, I've been trying to resist the boyfriend jean trend for a very long time now. I practically live in my dark stretch denim skinnies (denim leggings I like to call them), but spring is upon us, and it's time to lighten up. So I think I'll be investing in a pair like this Current/Elliot Boyfriend Cropped pair. They aren't too baggy so I could pull them off on a casual weeknight date but would still serve as a staple for running errands. And for someone who falls about 3o times a day, rips are welcome in my wardrobe.

I've been in dire need for a new bag for a long time. By white woven Gryson bag has had a rough winter, and I'm looking for something a little less structured for spring. So this Orla Kiely Giant Clasp Handbag in all it's distressed glory will fit nicely into my spring/summer wardrobe, when I tend to transition some of my black staples to brown. Plus the orange buckle makes the bag not too serious and seriously pops.

Closet Copycat: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is one of my go-to fashion inspiration...ers. She's casual and quirky yet brings a creative mix that you just don't see everywhere. I've been trying to recreate this outfit of hers for months, but while I have the black skinnies and pastel silk scarf, I can't seem to find a blazer with such chic white piping. Not to mention I can't exactly afford the studded Louboutins. Yet! I actually had it in my head to self-stud my fave pair of black ankle boots, until they disappeared out from under my nose (blame it on living in a sorority house!) But I have a feeling I'll be jazzing up my standard black blazer very soon, piping, studs, the more the better! So here's to you Rachel Bilson, even though I'll be secretly cursing you under my breath for taking Hayden Christensen off the market!

Tough Love

I have to admit, I’m not exactly the girliest of girly girls. I can probably count the number of items in my wardrobe that are pink on one hand. So as soon as the calender tears away to February 1st I start to get pangs of anxiety. All of those sugary hearts and pink…things. Now I love love as much as the next gal, but this year I think I’m going to toughen up a bit. Who says wearing your heart on your sleeve has to be vulnerable?

These Wendy Nichol Puffy Heart Earrings are too freakin' cute. Punk up your Valentine's Day by throwing them on with jeans and a tee. I just wanna squish them!

While I don't really understand the people in the middle of this Heartless Tee from Iron Fist, I couldn't help but love the tag line for it on the 80's Purple site (which is quickly becoming my fave shopping site). "Fabricated violence. Made with love for a heartless world"!

Okay these Heart Sole Platform shoes are seriously hott. Never mind the ultra-clever heart shaped stacked heel(imagine what your gams will look like in these babies!) but the understated details throughout the entire suede and leather pump are what make it really special. The peep toe front has a cool bow effect that isn't too frilly and the cone heel elongates legs. Don't care about any of that? Just pretend your stomping around on your ex's heart!

LEATHER!! If I had a Valentine this year (ohh mommm...) I would definately throw them a bone and have them get me these Lord Willy's Driving Gloves instead of some girly piece of jewelery. Well probably not, but they're a totally practical gift for a single gal pal that needs a little lovin'.

I originally spotted a totally gruesome heart shaped charm necklace on one of my fave jewelery sites Exhibitionist NYC (not to be confused with, unless you're looking to trade your jewelery for porn) but instantly changed my mind when I came across these Lord and Lady rings. Is there a cooler way to show you have a better half? Royal!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Closet Copycat

Leaving my fabulous internship at Store Adore for the confines of H&R Block (I don't wanna talk about it) has really forced me to channel my inner closet-creativity into something tangible. So viola, welcome to Closet Case. Because I'm a weirdo, I've been saving photos of outfits I like for months in a word document to pull out when I'm feeling fashion constipated. Now that the file is over 40 pages long and I've finally started this blog, I finally have something to do with such a stellar collection of fashion inspiration The idea is to eventually include photos of my versions of each outfit, and maybe even pieces that could work to recreate it yourself. Stay tuned!

Okay so my friends have been making fun of me for monthssss about my grey wool hat (hand knit by my mother, thanks Leni!) that I unrolled and have been wearing a la seven dwarfs. Pesce even went so far as to call me Cindy Loo Who. Which I'm totally fine with, because something like 90% of your body heat escapes out your head and Boston is FRIGID. Plus that thing is like an incubator and like most of my fave quirky items in my closet (shall we call them 'closet quirks'?), the floppy wool hat is now popping up all over the place.

So for my very first Closet Copycat, I only wish I lived somewhere warm so I could rock my hat with such a cute casual outfit like Kate Beckinsale. But for now I'll have to settle matching it with peacoats and fingerless gloves. (Shout out to Bob in the background!)

Some Leather Lovin

For someone who claims they're going green, I wear a ridiculous amount of leather. Some might chastise me for it, but I figure no one's perfect, and I probably recycle more than anyone my age anyways. Getting ready to head out to the neighborhood dive bar one night I was wearing my fave black leather bomber jacket when one of my friend's lovingly commented, "Only Blaiz could wear a leather jacket out to the bar and look slick as f*ck." Well thank you Dice, your words have resonated with me time and time again, and even if I didn't look slick in leather (which I personally think everyone does) I'd still rock it day in day out. In fact, I hate living in New England for the soul purpose that it just rains too much too much to wear as much leather as I wish I could. So leather will be commonly appearing on this site, in the hopes that one day I'll live in a climate that's leather friendly all year round.

UGH. You don't even know what I would do for a pair of these Black Lable Hyde Park Skinnys from Paige. I totally remember being 13 years old and wearing a pair of faux leather stretch pants as part of a dance recital costume. From that day on I tried to figure out a way to wear them in real life, which in middle school is not an easy feat. But I'm tellin' you, if I had these babies now, I think it would actually cause me to undergo a personality change.

Because I think I'm a hardass, the more studs I can cram into one outfit the better. I originally thought this Diesel Fucesul Studded Leather Bracelet was a belt. I can't stop mentally matching it with every outfit I own. But alas, I don't think it would fit around my wait. I'm still including it cause it is pretty cool, even if it won't keep my pants up.

Lately I can't get enough grey, so when I saw this Cellena jacket I knew I had to have it. Between the ribbed banding, bias zipper, and pleating galore, it's an uber-feminine version of my normal rocker-chic leather looks.


I only stumbled across this Hysteric Glamour Guitar Pick Necklace while Valentine's Day shopping for myself (that's a story for a later post) and decided it's my next must have. Why? I have no idea. It's hilarious. What does it mean? I'm not exactly sure. But any piece that is guaranteed to start a conversation is okay by me.

I Got The Blues

Maybe it’s the recession, maybe it’s the dreary months of deep winter, or maybe I just get bored easily, but I find myself reaching deep into the caverns of my closet and piecing together outfits based around pieces I forgot about years ago. So it was with that notion that I pulled on some wicked blue plaid tights from my Smells Like Teen Spirit phase, yes, blue plaid, while getting ready, only to open the front door to Pesce dressed in a blue plaid shirt dress. While cheery plaids were no stranger to us these past holidays, I love the cooler tones for the January blues. Is grunge back? I hope so.

<---A dead ringer for Pesce's shirt dress, you'll want to live in this cool, comfy Flannel Shirt Dress from Kettle Black.

As my friends can attest, I've been going through a serious hood phase. Maybe I'm trying to keep wayward winter hair under wraps, but mostly I think I'm just trying to keep it interesting while wasting away in the frozen snowy tundra that is Boston this winter. Either way, I'm picking up this Ashton Michael Plaid Scarf ASAP.--->

This French Connection Strapless Plaid Dress will look preppy and professional at work with a cardigan, but will defiantly

<---bring some edgy attitude to after-work cocktails.

Not ready to embrace your inner Cobain just yet? Slip on this AV Max Plaid Bangle instead.

Boot Bracelets!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s and I’ve put away the last Christmas decoration, the thought of suffering through the dreary remaining months of winter with no festive occasions warranting sequins and bows makes me want to hide in the back of my closet till spring.

Luckily, The 2 Bandits have found a way to add some colorful whimsy to the upcoming boot-clad months. Designed to fit any kind of boot, Bandits come in an almost endless variety of colors and styles inspired by co-creators Erica Chan and Tamar Wider's love of music and fashion. The bright prints and funky charms carefully positioned on every pair will brighten practically every dreary February day, and give your fave go-to boots a fun updated twist for spring.

<---I can’t wait to get my boots on a pair of Santa Fe in yellow. The woven print goes perfectly with the 70’s theme inhabiting my wardrobe right now and the bright colors will transform the brown boots I’ve been wearing since the snow started falling…viola! Recession proof!

Because black is still and always will be a major staple in my closet, this Gypsy pair in beige will tie any outfit together. The butterfly is just sweet enough, without looking too cutesy with my black platform knee high leather killers.-->

Looking to keep it simple? The 2 Bandits has a whole slew of cotton twill bands in great colors with clever ornaments sure to please everyone’s style. If you’re like me and have multiple fashion personalities, stack a few! These Solids in violet, white, and olive are living harmoniously on my brown riding boots.