Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Leather Lovin

For someone who claims they're going green, I wear a ridiculous amount of leather. Some might chastise me for it, but I figure no one's perfect, and I probably recycle more than anyone my age anyways. Getting ready to head out to the neighborhood dive bar one night I was wearing my fave black leather bomber jacket when one of my friend's lovingly commented, "Only Blaiz could wear a leather jacket out to the bar and look slick as f*ck." Well thank you Dice, your words have resonated with me time and time again, and even if I didn't look slick in leather (which I personally think everyone does) I'd still rock it day in day out. In fact, I hate living in New England for the soul purpose that it just rains too much too much to wear as much leather as I wish I could. So leather will be commonly appearing on this site, in the hopes that one day I'll live in a climate that's leather friendly all year round.

UGH. You don't even know what I would do for a pair of these Black Lable Hyde Park Skinnys from Paige. I totally remember being 13 years old and wearing a pair of faux leather stretch pants as part of a dance recital costume. From that day on I tried to figure out a way to wear them in real life, which in middle school is not an easy feat. But I'm tellin' you, if I had these babies now, I think it would actually cause me to undergo a personality change.

Because I think I'm a hardass, the more studs I can cram into one outfit the better. I originally thought this Diesel Fucesul Studded Leather Bracelet was a belt. I can't stop mentally matching it with every outfit I own. But alas, I don't think it would fit around my wait. I'm still including it cause it is pretty cool, even if it won't keep my pants up.

Lately I can't get enough grey, so when I saw this Cellena jacket I knew I had to have it. Between the ribbed banding, bias zipper, and pleating galore, it's an uber-feminine version of my normal rocker-chic leather looks.

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