Thursday, January 29, 2009

Closet Copycat

Leaving my fabulous internship at Store Adore for the confines of H&R Block (I don't wanna talk about it) has really forced me to channel my inner closet-creativity into something tangible. So viola, welcome to Closet Case. Because I'm a weirdo, I've been saving photos of outfits I like for months in a word document to pull out when I'm feeling fashion constipated. Now that the file is over 40 pages long and I've finally started this blog, I finally have something to do with such a stellar collection of fashion inspiration The idea is to eventually include photos of my versions of each outfit, and maybe even pieces that could work to recreate it yourself. Stay tuned!

Okay so my friends have been making fun of me for monthssss about my grey wool hat (hand knit by my mother, thanks Leni!) that I unrolled and have been wearing a la seven dwarfs. Pesce even went so far as to call me Cindy Loo Who. Which I'm totally fine with, because something like 90% of your body heat escapes out your head and Boston is FRIGID. Plus that thing is like an incubator and like most of my fave quirky items in my closet (shall we call them 'closet quirks'?), the floppy wool hat is now popping up all over the place.

So for my very first Closet Copycat, I only wish I lived somewhere warm so I could rock my hat with such a cute casual outfit like Kate Beckinsale. But for now I'll have to settle matching it with peacoats and fingerless gloves. (Shout out to Bob in the background!)

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