Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Got The Blues

Maybe it’s the recession, maybe it’s the dreary months of deep winter, or maybe I just get bored easily, but I find myself reaching deep into the caverns of my closet and piecing together outfits based around pieces I forgot about years ago. So it was with that notion that I pulled on some wicked blue plaid tights from my Smells Like Teen Spirit phase, yes, blue plaid, while getting ready, only to open the front door to Pesce dressed in a blue plaid shirt dress. While cheery plaids were no stranger to us these past holidays, I love the cooler tones for the January blues. Is grunge back? I hope so.

<---A dead ringer for Pesce's shirt dress, you'll want to live in this cool, comfy Flannel Shirt Dress from Kettle Black.

As my friends can attest, I've been going through a serious hood phase. Maybe I'm trying to keep wayward winter hair under wraps, but mostly I think I'm just trying to keep it interesting while wasting away in the frozen snowy tundra that is Boston this winter. Either way, I'm picking up this Ashton Michael Plaid Scarf ASAP.--->

This French Connection Strapless Plaid Dress will look preppy and professional at work with a cardigan, but will defiantly

<---bring some edgy attitude to after-work cocktails.

Not ready to embrace your inner Cobain just yet? Slip on this AV Max Plaid Bangle instead.

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