Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boot Bracelets!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s and I’ve put away the last Christmas decoration, the thought of suffering through the dreary remaining months of winter with no festive occasions warranting sequins and bows makes me want to hide in the back of my closet till spring.

Luckily, The 2 Bandits have found a way to add some colorful whimsy to the upcoming boot-clad months. Designed to fit any kind of boot, Bandits come in an almost endless variety of colors and styles inspired by co-creators Erica Chan and Tamar Wider's love of music and fashion. The bright prints and funky charms carefully positioned on every pair will brighten practically every dreary February day, and give your fave go-to boots a fun updated twist for spring.

<---I can’t wait to get my boots on a pair of Santa Fe in yellow. The woven print goes perfectly with the 70’s theme inhabiting my wardrobe right now and the bright colors will transform the brown boots I’ve been wearing since the snow started falling…viola! Recession proof!

Because black is still and always will be a major staple in my closet, this Gypsy pair in beige will tie any outfit together. The butterfly is just sweet enough, without looking too cutesy with my black platform knee high leather killers.-->

Looking to keep it simple? The 2 Bandits has a whole slew of cotton twill bands in great colors with clever ornaments sure to please everyone’s style. If you’re like me and have multiple fashion personalities, stack a few! These Solids in violet, white, and olive are living harmoniously on my brown riding boots.

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