Saturday, March 28, 2009

And today we'll go to Cali

S: I'm losing my mind Rick (good boss) is away, Dani and Roman (bad bosses) overload.

A: Oh God.

S: My eyes are twitching.

A: Get out now.

S: Gotta pay the bills. I haven't smoked in two weeks... I smoked a pack today and I'm stopping for another.

A: I've decided I would be okay moving to Cali. If we found jobs first.

S: Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

A: Oh, find that funny, do you? That I've given up on this side of the country?

S: I love how we become comfortable with completely unrealistic ideas before dealing with any of the details that would actually make it realistic. Yes, I find it hilarious.

A: I know and every day its a new and wildly ridiculous life plan. At least we've got moxy.

S: Said the girl living with her parents and working in hell to the other girl living with HER parents and working for the devil.

A: Do you WANT to make me cry for the fourth time today?

S: I wish my body could produce tears. Consider yourself lucky.