Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glovin' It

In tough times, it’s important for a gal to know how to get some bang for her buck. So I (and I’m sure you) have taken to adding bold accents to every outfit. Enter my fave accessory for chilly climates, the glove. Check out these Velvet Floral Print Gloves that I found at Bella Dawn. Truly a feel good purchase at a feel good price.
These plush velvet gloves are still cozy for the chilly end-of-winter months (hello blizzard at the beginning of March!), yet their bold colors and pattern (psychedelic!) get us totally pumped for spring. The best part? They’ll go with every outfit we can concoct, and add spice to the blandest. Most likely, you’ll be the most fashionable lady at tea, at the boutiques, at the movies, wherever you may wear them. My guess is that will be pretty much everywhere!

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