Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Urban Outfitters You Got Me Again

So when I woke up on Saturday morning (and I use the term woke-up loosely, as I didn't exactly go to bed the night before, but we'll touch on that later) I was thrilled to see the only bright part of my day...the Early Spring Urban Outfitters Catalogue had finally arrived! As I paged through it at work not doing any work at all, I was blown away by a few key pieces. The first? I'm glad you asked. Right smack on the third page, this lil beauty. A Cool, Casual, by Slow and Steady Wins the Race LEATHER Tee. Drool. Unfortunately I have to buy it ASAP because I'm not sure how well a LEATHER shirt would go over any time past April. I NEED.
There were a few other things I loved, namely an adorable peach romper. I'm pretty sure without even talking to her, Pesce will be wearing rompers all summer long. Call it a deeply loving and affectionate friendship. No, we're not lesbians. That's the little one. Anygay, I digress. I also totally fell in love with another roughed up denim version. I've also decided my next denim (bottom) purchase (other than the all-important boyfriend jean) is a pair of acid wash jeans. I know it's only rock n roll but I like it!

I have to say though, the accessories totally stole the show of this line-up. Starting with a Deux Lux Transformer Duffel Bag. Seeing as I travel to New York as much as possible these days (wah) I've been in the market for a great overnight bag. It actually has a wraparound zipper that collapses the bag into a purse, with a shoulder strap and shorter straps. I can't decide if I like the beige or the black better. My overnight bag now is beige, but I already own so much black. Ah such dilemmas.
I'm not a huge jewelery person, well I am, but I find I always spend so much time putting together an outfit people are yelling at me to get out the door and baubles are always an afterthought. But these pieces totally carry themselves, and while they could be piled on with other stuff, it's totally not necessary, and they'll go with any outfit I can cook up. I've been so into chains lately that I actually found some old ones (probably a bike chain, eek) and have been fashioning them into necklaces and bracelets using key rings. I know, I'm so inventive. I have a feeling that's how Cartier got started. I'm just saying. Anycrazy, Urban must have been reading my mind, because almost all their new pieces are chain-related. Gosh I hate being such a hipster.

I have to admit, I've saved the best for last. Color me crazy, but it was the sunglasses! Being a gal that already has her staple Dolce and Gabana movie star frames, Ray-Ban Aviators (my personal fave) and Ray-Ban Wayfarers (alright I'm a child of the 80's, I know), it's hard to get me excited about eye wear. But I actually ordered these UO Round Frame babies in red. Love. I have to admit though, I sat (at work) for almost two hours debating those and the UO Encircle frames. Ultimately, I chose the other ones for their rock and roll roots and wayfarer vibe. I'll leave the Almost Famous frames to Pesce. Mark my words she'll be rocking them by Memorial Day.

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