Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kickin' Spring Boots

Each day spring teases us with one degree higher on the thermometer or a few minutes of glorious sunshine. Understandably, I can’t help but get excited for the days when bare legs will be, well, bare-able. But I can’t say I’m excited to shed my boots. How thrilled I am that designers have revamped boots for spring. This year boots come in more delicate silhouettes, brighter colors and lighter fabrics especially for spring. Now that’s just kicky!
These Tamal Boots, come in this season’s hottest color - dark grey. And just in case you get bored with them, which is highly doubtful, they come with cool interchangeable straps, one in a casual grey and the other (pictured above) in one of a kind vintage fabrics.

Give these Jeffrey Campbell Tribe Embroidered Lace Up boots a chance; I know they’ll grow on you! Taking a nod from all the spring shows, the tribal and traveler influences shine through loud and clear. The great light blue, peach and white embroidery will rock with denim or even spring pastels.
These boots were made for walkin’! These Humanoid Lobster Sanchez Boots have fun and flirty ties and they slouch just so. The best part? A low to moderate heel that will make tooling around town on beautiful spring mornings a breeze.

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