Thursday, January 29, 2009

Closet Copycat

Leaving my fabulous internship at Store Adore for the confines of H&R Block (I don't wanna talk about it) has really forced me to channel my inner closet-creativity into something tangible. So viola, welcome to Closet Case. Because I'm a weirdo, I've been saving photos of outfits I like for months in a word document to pull out when I'm feeling fashion constipated. Now that the file is over 40 pages long and I've finally started this blog, I finally have something to do with such a stellar collection of fashion inspiration The idea is to eventually include photos of my versions of each outfit, and maybe even pieces that could work to recreate it yourself. Stay tuned!

Okay so my friends have been making fun of me for monthssss about my grey wool hat (hand knit by my mother, thanks Leni!) that I unrolled and have been wearing a la seven dwarfs. Pesce even went so far as to call me Cindy Loo Who. Which I'm totally fine with, because something like 90% of your body heat escapes out your head and Boston is FRIGID. Plus that thing is like an incubator and like most of my fave quirky items in my closet (shall we call them 'closet quirks'?), the floppy wool hat is now popping up all over the place.

So for my very first Closet Copycat, I only wish I lived somewhere warm so I could rock my hat with such a cute casual outfit like Kate Beckinsale. But for now I'll have to settle matching it with peacoats and fingerless gloves. (Shout out to Bob in the background!)

Some Leather Lovin

For someone who claims they're going green, I wear a ridiculous amount of leather. Some might chastise me for it, but I figure no one's perfect, and I probably recycle more than anyone my age anyways. Getting ready to head out to the neighborhood dive bar one night I was wearing my fave black leather bomber jacket when one of my friend's lovingly commented, "Only Blaiz could wear a leather jacket out to the bar and look slick as f*ck." Well thank you Dice, your words have resonated with me time and time again, and even if I didn't look slick in leather (which I personally think everyone does) I'd still rock it day in day out. In fact, I hate living in New England for the soul purpose that it just rains too much too much to wear as much leather as I wish I could. So leather will be commonly appearing on this site, in the hopes that one day I'll live in a climate that's leather friendly all year round.

UGH. You don't even know what I would do for a pair of these Black Lable Hyde Park Skinnys from Paige. I totally remember being 13 years old and wearing a pair of faux leather stretch pants as part of a dance recital costume. From that day on I tried to figure out a way to wear them in real life, which in middle school is not an easy feat. But I'm tellin' you, if I had these babies now, I think it would actually cause me to undergo a personality change.

Because I think I'm a hardass, the more studs I can cram into one outfit the better. I originally thought this Diesel Fucesul Studded Leather Bracelet was a belt. I can't stop mentally matching it with every outfit I own. But alas, I don't think it would fit around my wait. I'm still including it cause it is pretty cool, even if it won't keep my pants up.

Lately I can't get enough grey, so when I saw this Cellena jacket I knew I had to have it. Between the ribbed banding, bias zipper, and pleating galore, it's an uber-feminine version of my normal rocker-chic leather looks.


I only stumbled across this Hysteric Glamour Guitar Pick Necklace while Valentine's Day shopping for myself (that's a story for a later post) and decided it's my next must have. Why? I have no idea. It's hilarious. What does it mean? I'm not exactly sure. But any piece that is guaranteed to start a conversation is okay by me.

I Got The Blues

Maybe it’s the recession, maybe it’s the dreary months of deep winter, or maybe I just get bored easily, but I find myself reaching deep into the caverns of my closet and piecing together outfits based around pieces I forgot about years ago. So it was with that notion that I pulled on some wicked blue plaid tights from my Smells Like Teen Spirit phase, yes, blue plaid, while getting ready, only to open the front door to Pesce dressed in a blue plaid shirt dress. While cheery plaids were no stranger to us these past holidays, I love the cooler tones for the January blues. Is grunge back? I hope so.

<---A dead ringer for Pesce's shirt dress, you'll want to live in this cool, comfy Flannel Shirt Dress from Kettle Black.

As my friends can attest, I've been going through a serious hood phase. Maybe I'm trying to keep wayward winter hair under wraps, but mostly I think I'm just trying to keep it interesting while wasting away in the frozen snowy tundra that is Boston this winter. Either way, I'm picking up this Ashton Michael Plaid Scarf ASAP.--->

This French Connection Strapless Plaid Dress will look preppy and professional at work with a cardigan, but will defiantly

<---bring some edgy attitude to after-work cocktails.

Not ready to embrace your inner Cobain just yet? Slip on this AV Max Plaid Bangle instead.

Boot Bracelets!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s and I’ve put away the last Christmas decoration, the thought of suffering through the dreary remaining months of winter with no festive occasions warranting sequins and bows makes me want to hide in the back of my closet till spring.

Luckily, The 2 Bandits have found a way to add some colorful whimsy to the upcoming boot-clad months. Designed to fit any kind of boot, Bandits come in an almost endless variety of colors and styles inspired by co-creators Erica Chan and Tamar Wider's love of music and fashion. The bright prints and funky charms carefully positioned on every pair will brighten practically every dreary February day, and give your fave go-to boots a fun updated twist for spring.

<---I can’t wait to get my boots on a pair of Santa Fe in yellow. The woven print goes perfectly with the 70’s theme inhabiting my wardrobe right now and the bright colors will transform the brown boots I’ve been wearing since the snow started falling…viola! Recession proof!

Because black is still and always will be a major staple in my closet, this Gypsy pair in beige will tie any outfit together. The butterfly is just sweet enough, without looking too cutesy with my black platform knee high leather killers.-->

Looking to keep it simple? The 2 Bandits has a whole slew of cotton twill bands in great colors with clever ornaments sure to please everyone’s style. If you’re like me and have multiple fashion personalities, stack a few! These Solids in violet, white, and olive are living harmoniously on my brown riding boots.